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With T&J Roofing, you’ll stay informed on the progress of your project from start to finish. We believe in honesty and open communication with our clients. We make certain expectations are clear from the beginning and we work tirelessly to create an end result that is well worth your time and hard-earned money.

We provide your best option for roofing services at competitive prices. Your new tile roof system will provide you with complete peace of mind, which consists of removing all your existing roof system components down to the plywood and building it over again, correctly. Our detailed, careful work is covered by our 15-year workmanship warranty and will provide a roof longevity of 60-70 years of *worry-free protection on your tile roof, providing all warranty limitations are adhered to. Just to be clear, our warranty limitations are in ONE sentence, not pages and pages of disclaimers. Here are our *warranty limitations:

Extreme weather conditions, unauthorized work of any kind to the roof surface, material failure, damage to the roof surface from flying objects, failure to maintain basic roof maintenance, interior damage, and non- payment of the contract.

Selling your home? No problem. Your new roof warranty is transferable to new ownership without penalties or fees, providing all warranty limitations are adhered to.

The scope of work for tile roofs is completely different from any other roofing system and roof life expectancy is contingent upon many factors, the most damaging action to a properly installed roof system (other than careless treatment) is being exposed to the sun and elements 365/24. Especially the sun. The following roof systems require a different set of necessities in order to provide the longest respective life expectancy:

Shingles – Shingle roof life expectancy is based on good, better, best from manufacturer ratings. The life expectancy of our shingle roof systems is based on manufacturers material ratings, but still come with our 15- year same-verbiage workmanship warranty.

Built-Up Roof Systems (BUR) – This flat roof system requires regular maintenance to get the longest life expectancy. The life expectancy of our built-up roof systems is based on maintenance and protecting the top layer from the sun. Our built-up roof systems will last 40-50 years if we liberally apply elastomeric coating every 10-12 years. The elastomeric coating is a fantastic protectant from the constant harmful rays of the sun for this type of roof system. This is a strong, durable, long-lasting roof system, ideal for low sloped (flat) roofs.

Polyurethane Foam (PUF) – This flat roof system requires the most maintenance and are the least durable. We do not install PUF, but we do re-coat if it’s in satisfactory condition. PUF roof systems require critical, constant maintenance. Due to its limited durability, a new elastomeric coating must be applied every 4-5 years. The sun is very hard on PUF. Another option for PUF that will add strength and require much less maintenance is a silicone roof coating. Silicone is an excellent protectant, adds strength and provides our 15-year workmanship warranty as well as a 20-year manufactures warranty. Applying silicone once every 15 years is much more cost effective than one elastomeric coating every 4-5 years. With silicone, we add strength to the non-durable PUF system which offers another vital attribute, providing even more peace of mind.

Due to T&J Roofing not applying the original PUF roof system and the imperative 5-year re-coat necessity, we can only offer a 5-year workmanship warranty to re-coat with elastomeric coating. Each 5-year elastomeric re-coat provides a new 5-year workmanship warranty, providing all warranty limitations are adhered to.

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