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Welcome to T&J Roofing! 24-Years Strong

An Important Message From Tim Kline

I would like to tell all our amazing customers, past, present and future, that all the confidence and trust you gave us, helped us to build our strong, disciplined company and company culture. Your patience and trust allowed us to teach and mentor our crews that respect, accountability and a strong work ethic are paramount for the success of each project and re-enforce our edict; taking the time and doing everything necessary to get the job done right the first time. For over 24-years and over one-thousand customers, we have done everything in our power to produce the longest lasting roof systems in the industry. My incredible wife, Lynn and I are blessed beyond measure knowing all of you are happy and completely confident in our work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your trust and heartfelt messages.

Now, after 24-years of success, we have decided to pass the torch. Our business partner throughout all the work for the last 15-years, Jair Hernandez, and his incredible wife; Fatima are now the new owners of Tim Kline Roofing. Lynn and I have complete confidence and trust in Fatima and Jair, and we know they will continue with the same work ethic and be just as accountable as we have always been. Jair has worked with me side by side on the roofs and dealing with homeowners for the last 15-years. He has wholeheartedly embraced the ‘Do it Right the First Time’ culture and we are excited to see Jair and Fatima succeed and carry on the 100% customer satisfaction record that we amassed together. I am still intricately involved with the company as the ROC licensed holder (Qualifying Party) and will continue to be involved in the daily operation for as long as they’ll have me. Nothing will change except for the name. Past, present and future warranties and the accountability that goes along with them will always be the same.

I would like to introduce to you, T&J Roofing, LLC. Fatima and Jair will now be taking care of all of you with the full support, confidence and tools of Tim Kline Roofing.

Thank you all again for all your support and trust and enjoy the next generation of roofing excellence with T&J Roofing. We look forward to impressing you.

Family owned and operated with over 1,000 satisfied customers.

Our Story

Our main focus is doing roofs right the first time, with an emphasis on extreme longevity for our roofing systems. Ensuring excellent customer service, 100% customer satisfaction every time, property respect during the work process, employee’s that are true craftsmen, accountable, well-mannered that show genuine care throughout the entire work process are the corner stones of our company.

Born and raised in Arizona, Tim Kline started roofing right here in the Valley of the Sun in 1981. Never one to shy away from hard work, Tim stayed with it and as an employee became frustrated with the kind of company culture that produced poor workmanship, lacked accountability, hurrying at times that require careful thought and patience, projects being estimated wrong and poor behavior.

So, in 2000, Tim and his wife Lynn, decided to create their own company and culture. They got properly licensed, bonded and insured and with Tim doing all the work and estimating, and Lynn taking care of all the office responsibilities and being a welcoming, assuring voice for new customers all while raising two amazing boys, Tim KLINE Roofing was born. Yes, the first few years were challenging. But, once they settled in and found the right employees and with the excellent leadership from our business partner and operations guru, Jair Hernandez, and company leaders like Juan Javier, Tim KLINE Roofing has been thriving, creating a positive, caring company culture that is instilled in every employee. That positive, caring company culture has given us the ability to take great care of every customer since our humble beginnings. Now, 23-years in the making, all that hard work has created an accountable, caring, strong and true force in the roofing industry.

Now, touting a robust and strong company history, Tim and Lynn are ready to pass the torch to Jair and Fatima. After 15-years of learning the right way to construct roofs and treat all customers, Jair and Fatima are ready to take over. A new chapter has now begun….Introducing, T&J Roofing, LLC. Get ready to enjoy the same respect, excellent work ethic, accountability and responsiveness all customers have learned to expect from Tim Kline Roofing. Remember, Tim is still involved in the daily operations and will always be eager to help in any way. Give us the opportunity to impress you with our well-known care and diligence.

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Family owned and operated with over 1,000 satisfied customers.

What Our Customers are Saying

This company is outstanding. Their attention to detail and quality work at a fair price is unsurpassed. Tim and his team of experienced professional installers completely reinstalled our builder original 26 year old tile roof and brought it to current code. Our experience in working with this company throughout the entire process could not have been any better and is well worth a 5+ star rating in our book!


Tim KLINE Roofing did amazing job on our tile roof replacement. They were on time, showed up as scheduled, cleaned up every day before they left. Our roof looks great and we are glad we hired Tim Kline Roofing. We would highly recommend them.

Julie Cocca

Tim Kline Roofing was an excellent company to work with for my new roof. It was a great experience and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Extremely professional. The new roof has transformed the look of my house.

Susan Kay Schultz